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Red dial watches

woman hand holding red watch on yellow background

« Extravagant luxury for him and her » It stands for love, fire and energetic passion: the color red. Not only Ferraristi and romantics, but also many watch lovers are attracted by the glowing coloration. For those who are bold and seek a powerful differentiation from the crowd, there are many exciting watches with red dials from Glashütte to Switzerland. …

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Purchase guide for automatic watches up to 1,500 euros

Can you remember your first kiss? For many watch enthusiasts, the memory of this moment is as intense as that day when they first understood the operating principle of an automatic watch and a passion for life was ignited. “Almost like a perpetual motion machine,” we thought to ourselves. The good news is that great automatic watches don’t have to …

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Limited Edition Watches: Our top 10 for men


Whether classic cars, jewels or wines: The allure of the rare captivates us in various areas of life and does not stop at fine timepieces. We have analyzed the immense selection of rarities for you and present ten of the most exciting limited edition watches available from the entry-level to the luxury class of the men’s segment. Oris Artelier Art …

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Limited edition watches for ladies: 5 recommendations

young-woman-sits-with-wristwatch - Limited watches for women

Rarity, exclusivity, the feeling of owning something special: We all long for a spark of luxury in our lives. The watch industry has obviously recognized this and launches numerous limited editions every year. Who can still keep track of them all? Our magazine has combed through the ranges of the most popular manufacturers and recommends five limited-edition watches for women …

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Selling watches seriously: who buys them?

Expert assesses wristwatch - reputable sale of watches

New perspectives, fresh capital: Although the sale of a timepiece can be emotional, most watch collectors regularly opt for a parting of the ways that allows them to acquire new dream watches. Given the high value of luxury watches, seriousness and a fair price should be top priorities when selling. We explain below how this can be achieved with a …

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Who wears Breitling?

Breitling-Aero-L-39 - Who wears Breitling?

« All about known wearers and types of wearers » “Here I am”: No watch brand is more strongly associated with a confident, masculine presence than Breitling. Wearers of the pilot watch brand are financially successful, coveted by women, and love everything masculine from muscle cars to fighter planes and Harley Davidsons. But are these stereotypes even true? We look …

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Who wears Rolex?

« All about known carriers and carrier types » He’s successful, likes status symbols and has no idea about what he wears on his wrist: The stereotypical Rolex owner. But a closer look at the world of wearer types reveals a huge variety from passionate watch lovers to Hollywood superstars, big politicians and world-class athletes. We take aim at the …

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DLC coating

« What does Diamond-like Carbon mean? » Eternal youth for the luxury watch: DLC coatings promise increased resistance and a smooth, pleasant surface in the long term. But how does the coating actually work? Today we explain the basics of the method, how it relates to the PVD process, and what advantages or disadvantages it brings. We’ll also show popular …

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Swiss watches insider tips

Oris-Aquis - Swiss watches insider tips

« Under the radar and yet right on trend » The fascination of the watch world lies in its incredible diversity. In addition to shining stars like the Rolex Submariner or Omega Speedmaster, there are thousands of exciting models that are not in the limelight, but perform impressively from a technical and visual perspective. Today we present six of our …

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Watch hype about hype watches

Buying watches - watch hype

« 10 luxury watches that caused turmoil » They make the headlines, sometimes demand considerable waiting times, and are the talk of the town among enthusiasts: hype watches. The celebrities of the horological universe do not enjoy their popularity by chance, but have many highlights to offer, from historical significance to impressive technology. We show you the top 10 luxury …

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