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Rolex Submariner waiting time 2023

« Most wanted Diver » Professional applications were what the Geneva-based luxury brand had in mind when it introduced its first diving watches in 1953. Nowadays, those who are interested in them rarely plan daring underwater missions. The legendary watch family is simply popular – among collectors, investors and style-conscious men. The large circle of interested parties leads to bottlenecks …

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Top 10 watch brands

storage black leather box with collection of men wrist watches

« Each in itself unique and great » There are plenty of expensive watch brands around the world. In top 10 rankings, the order changes depending on the comparison criterion. However, the top ranks are often occupied by the same manufacturers with many similarities: They love visionary ideas as much as traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and are mostly based in Switzerland. …

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Watch winders for Rolex watches tested

If the self-winding masterpiece is worn only occasionally, the power reserve reaches its limits and the movement comes to a standstill. Many experts share the opinion that exclusive time indicators do not like the condition in the long term. Regardless, it is convenient not to have to make all the adjustments after a period of rest. We reveal which watch …

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What rate deviation is normal for automatic watches?

businessman checking time on his wrist watch, man putting clock on hand,groom getting ready in the morning before wedding ceremony. Men Fashion

Anyone who prefers mechanical masterpieces knows that accuracy and precision have become impressive, but they have their limits. Certain deviations are understood as a commitment to craftsmanship, but large differences as a signal – for errors in wearing, the longed-for revision or the purchase of a timepiece that better fits the lifestyle. Vision versus reality in mechanical masterpieces The ideal …

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Rolex models overview


«Historical models and the current collection» Watches in gold with which you can show off your wealth offensively. The amateurish stereotype of Rolex, which is encouraged by sales prices that are sometimes staggering, persists stubbornly. These prejudices completely miss the point of reality. The secret of the traditional brand’s success is its courage to realize bold ideas and thus inspire …

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Wrist alarm clock: luxury watches with alarm clock complication

The alarm complication in the wristwatch looks back on an eventful and exciting history. The history ranges from the highly sophisticated beginnings in the early 20th century to the boom from the 1960s to today’s wide range of watches with an alarm function. Affordable battery-powered smartwatches in luxurious guise are available today, as are elaborate automatic watches with mechanical alarm …

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Powermatic 80 movement

«Watches and test results of a young legend» The Powermatic 80 movement is a development of the Tissot watch brand in collaboration with ETA movements. The caliber is based on the ETA 2824-2, which has proven itself for decades, but has been modified to increase the power reserve to 80 hours. This is achieved through various optimizations, including an extended …

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Watches stable in value

« 5 watches that are lucrative as an investment » Grandes Complications from Patek Philippe, Royal Oaks Offshore from Audemars Piguet or a limited edition Bing Bang from Hublot: Almost worthless for many people are the investment tips of discerning watch collectors, because they fail due to the financial possibilities. The good news: watches that retain their value can be …

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Luxury watches up to 2000 euros

Successful and smart businessman sits at the window seat in business class, checking his watch for the arrival time, on the flight for his business trip.

« Which brand offers the most luxury? » The budget speaks against sinfully expensive watches, and average is not desirable. Material, technology, functionality and design: You’re welcome to set the bar high for all criteria. Luxurious timepieces often cost less than 2000 euros – for style-conscious ladies and gentlemen. We show you the most beautiful watch models under 2000 euros. …

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What is a chronograph? Function and history

The chronograph, also known as the stopwatch, is one of the most significant developments in the history of watchmaking. It looks back on a fascinating history that spans several centuries. The development and function of the chronograph is closely linked to the evolution of mechanical watches, as it is based on the same mechanisms. From the early rattrapante watches and …

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